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Transport Manager CPC Refresher Courses

Keeping up to date with Regulation changes and best practice is important if you are to have effective control over a transport operation, so a Refresher Courses is a must for CPC holding Transport Managers. Traffic Commissioners are now requiring proof of continuous professional development (CPD) at licence application, alteration and five yearly review or renewal.  It is now an expectation that Transport Managers will update their knowledge, and thereby their CPC qualification, by way of attendance on a Refresher Course for two days every five years and Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton has undertaken his to ensure he is fully up to date.  


Whether you gained your CPC qualification by examination or by 'acquired rights' from industry experience prior to 1979, a Refresher Course will update the knowledge you have and therefore safeguard the operator licence.

A voluntary refresher course can help to ensure operators are adhering to the undertakings, or promises, agreed to when the Operator Licence was applied for and granted.

Traffic Commissioners can, and often do require CPC holders to ensure their knowledge of Regulations and best practice is updated by instructing that they attend a recognised refresher course.

The course works by reviewing the undertakings agreed to on the operator licence, operational practices, the duties of a transport manager and vital areas of compliance.  Conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with discussion of the systems and practices in place and advise on changes to enusre continued cxompliance, our friendly approachable course delivery makes attendance easy to achieve.

Refresher courses have a duration of 2 days, unless otherwise directed by the Traffic Commissioner, and are delivered throughout the UK at your premises, our base or a suitable local venue at a time to suit the business.  We are happy to present our courses at the weekend also. 

Course dleivery is undertaken with learning materials that enable the undertakings on the licence to be fully assessed, a re-evaluation of the systems in place and the expectations of the enforcement agencies relayed in a relaxed manner with an industry experienced tutor.

Some operators have and still do choose to attend the longer transport managers CPC course training course, revisiting the full syllabus under which they initially studied, without the examination whilst others have elected to re-sit the examination and have re-qualified, gaining both CPC and refresher certificates.


The refresher Course is fully certificated and set to the syllabus accepted by the Senior Traffic Commissioner and IoTA with whom attendance is registered. Proof of attendance by way of a 'sealed' certificate is supplied and accepted by the Traffic Commissioners' offices where it is recorded against the operator licence.


We are always more than happy to discuss your needs and expectations, so please do contact us and we will be happy to help.