Professional Transport Services

Transport Manager's Certificate of Professional Competence in Passenger Transport

Amongst the many legal criterion required by the Licensing Authority when application for an Operator's Licence is made, is that of Professional Competence. In order to be professionally competent an individual must have taken and passed the Passenger Transport examinations set by OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts) and hold the qualification certificate.

Passenger Transport CPC Courses are held regularly throughout the year, for a duration of seven days from Saturday to Friday.  The course content covers the OCR syllabus well and includes the details the Senior Traffic Commssioner requires operators to understand also.

Courses are timed to fit with the examination timetable published by OCR, with examinations taking place in March, June, September and December, to provide candidates with valuable time for revision of the extensive course content and  also to undertake practice materials.

Candidates on our CPC Courses study to the syllabus set by OCR through comprehensive course notes, which serve as a useful reference source long after the qualification is gained, and are given every opportunity to discuss any course content they may wish to. Extra study material is offered by way of self and tutor assessment question papers.

Examinations are taken as close to the candidates work/home address as possible and consist of two question papers, both having questions relating to national and international transport operations. The first paper (P1) is multi choice style, which is now available at some centres as an online format similar to the driving licence theory test, with a duration of two hours and requires a 70% or 42 of the 60 marks available to pass with the second paper (P2) being based on a Case Study Scenario format which requires written answers is an open book exam paper where canidsates are permitted to take any notes or texts with them into the examination room for reference.   There will be 5 - 8 questions to answer on the written exam paper and a two hour fifiteen minute duration. The mark needed to pass the written paper will be 50% or 30 out of the 60 marks available, but this is varied by the examination body (OCR) depending on the diffiuclty of the paper that has been issued.

Course content includes the study of:

  • Theory of Law - Law of Contract
  • Vehicle & Company Law
  • The Court Structure
  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Social Legislation - Equal Opportunities
  • Financial Management
  • Taxation
  • Access to the Industry - Operator Licensing
  • Working Time Regulations
  • Drivers' Hours - Record Keeping
  • Vehicle Construction & Use Regulations
  • Weights & Dimensions
  • Vehicle Operating Costs
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Vehicle Excise Duty - Bus Service Operator's Grant
  • Schedules & Duties
  • Fares & Pricing
  • Driver Licensing
  • Insurance - Road Safety & Accident Procedures
  • International operation - Regulation

The results for the complete examinations is available eight weeks after the examination has b een completed in the paper format, but for those who sit the multi choice paper as an online format the result of that paper is available after a short time whilst still at the centre location.  The online format potentially allows the candidates to split the the examination day into two half days, as the online paper can be booked to be taken on a separate day and where the need may arise a resit can be completed within good time through a repeat booking at a time to suit the candidate and centre alike.