Professional Transport Services

Systems Compliance Audit

As every organisation running commercial vehicles is very aware, without the Operator's Licence it is impossible to run. The Operator's Licence is priceless but so easy to lose. Failure to comply with any of the aspects of the undertakings and any conditions applied to the Licence can lead to the Traffic Commissioner calling the operator and business to a Preliminary Hearing or Public Inquiry where the revoking, suspending or curtailing the Operator's Licence is a very real outcome.


At your request we will visit your premises to carry out an Audit, examining the systems you have in place relating to the planning and keeping of maintenance, vehicle, bus service performance, tachograph and driver's hours of work records. Comparing actual performance with legal requirements, identifying any problems, and suggesting solutions in order to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Operator's Licence. Thus ensuring that the systems in use meet the expectations of both the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency and the Traffic Commissioner.


A full report is provided with copies for use as directed by  the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC).