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Vision Zero – West Yorkshire Police initiative

28 Jun 2023

West Yorkshire Police is launching a Vision Zero initiative to eliminate road deaths by 2040.

The initiative has been put in place following the deaths of 65 people and more than 5,000 serious injuries on the roads of West Yorkshire last year.

West Yorkshire Police describes Vision Zero as an “ambitious casualty prevention strategy” which seeks to introduce a safe system of design and operation that integrates roads, vehicles, and road users in such a way that safety is maximised.

The emphasis of Vision Zero is on positively influencing driver behaviour to reduce risk, wherever possible, with more punitive approaches being reserved for repeated or more serious levels of offending.  

Based around the delivery of five ‘pillars’ of: Safe Speeds, Safe Roads, Safe Vehicles, Safe Road Users and Post-collision Response, Vision Zero will bring together local authorities, West Yorkshire Police and other stakeholders.  Through this approach, West Yorkshire Police seeks to lower road casualty numbers year-on-year towards 2040 thereby preventing the human tragedies that impact on victim’s their families and the wider community. 

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