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UK firm announces launch of the world’s first ‘A-Rated’ Retread Tyre

2 Aug 2021

Grantham, Lincolnshire-based 70-year-old British company Vaculug is launching of the World’s first ‘A’ rated retread tyre, according to EU tyre labelling laws.



Retreading is a method used to lengthen the life of a tyre. It consists of replacing the tread of a used tyre, while keeping the same carcass.


Even though retreads are not required to have ratings, Vaculug decided to have their new product manufactured and tested to the same standards as the best new tyres and beat them on performance.


Retreads are the most sustainable form of tyres where Vaculug regenerates an old tyre destined for scrap into a product that can clearly outperform new tyres. The company is Europe’s largest independent retreader, which manufactures and handles tyre management for some of the top transportation fleets in Europe, including Aldi supermarkets and Amazon. 


By integrating a high percentage of silica in the tread, Vaculug has succeeded in pushing the limits of rolling resistance to save on fuel, without compromising the tyres’ longevity. Choosing the “A” rated KT01 tyre over an “F” rated tyre can significantly reduce a fleet’s carbon emissions by 1,200 tonnes and lower fuel costs by £475,000 per annum.


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