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Tyre Industry Technicians must be sufficiently trained

25 Jun 2021

Tyre Industry Technicians must be sufficiently trained

Road transport and tyre industry is being urged to invest in technician training by Continental Tyres, to ensure safety on busy road sides.

With the buoyancy of the UK logistics industry there are now more commercial vehicles and vans on the roads than ever before.  Whilst good for the logistics industry the effect on professionals supporting the industry should not be forgotten.  It is incumbent on tyre service providers to ensure technicians are adequately trained to manage the vehicle health and keep them on the road.

The need for technicians to be out on the road to meet demand should not be to the detriment of ensuring staff are trained.

Commercial tyre technicians should hold a REACT  licence, renewable five yearly and issued by the National Tyre Distributor Association and backed by Highways England, to work safely at the road side.

Continental Tyres have developed training which includes the REACT qualification, for technicians at their facility in Lutterworth.

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