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Transport Labour Market and Skills - Consultation

16 Feb 2022

Transport labour market and skills

Department for Transport Open Consultation

Consultation closes: 9th May 2022


Seeking views and ideas on the most significant labour market and skills challenges across the transport sector to inform future strategy.

Consultation description

This consultation considers the barriers and opportunities to developing skills and careers across the transport sector.

It sets out 5 pillars that form the basis for the work the Department for Transport (DfT) wants to carry out in collaboration with external partners, including the transport industry, academia and the third sector.

These pillars are:

  • boosting diversity, inclusion and social mobility
  • improving training and employment
  • promoting careers in transport
  • preparing for future skills
  • building evidence and evaluating progress

Informed by public response to this paper, the 5 pillars will set the direction for the work of an industry-led taskforce.

The taskforce and DfT will develop a programme to support the sector in accessing skilled workers as we build back better from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to create a transport system fit for the future.

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