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Transport Decarbonisation Plan

15 Jul 2021

Transport decarbonisation plan is ‘genuinely high ambition’ for all areas of transport


The Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, published today, is “genuinely high ambition – technically and feasibly – for all areas of transport and notes that decarbonisation will rely, in part, on future transport technology, coupled with the necessary behavioural and societal change,” says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.


The plan sets out a world-leading pledge to consult on the end of the sale of all new, non-zero emission road vehicles by 2040 at the latest.


The Government says it is the “world’s first ‘greenprint’ to decarbonise all modes of domestic transport by 2050″ to cut emissions from our seas and skies, roads and railways, setting out a credible pathway for the whole transport sector to reach net zero by 2050.”


As expected, while the initial response from parts of the industry has been positive, there are also concerns, particularly around the lack of rail electrification and road infrastructure.


As part of this vision, the government is today announcing its intention to phase out the sale of new diesel and petrol heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) by 2040, subject to consultation – combined with the 2035 phase out date for polluting cars and vans.


The yet-to-be-published consultation proposes a 2035 phase out date for vehicles weighing from 3.5 to 26 tonnes and 2040 for vehicles weighing more than 26 tonnes – or earlier if a faster transition seems feasible.


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