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Traffic Commissioners support with new customs rules

23 Feb 2022

Support with new customs rules

The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain have once more been asked by HMRC to draw your attention to help and advice to support you with the introduction of the new customs rules on 1 Jan 2022.

Please read the following message and make sure you’re prepared for the new requirements.

Check if you need to report for an inspection of your goods

You now need to be registered for the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) and  have a Goods Movement Reference (GMR), if you’re moving goods between Great Britain (GB) and the EU through border locations that use GVMS for customs control.

Some goods moved into GB from the EU through GVMS border locations require an inspection before they can be cleared through customs. You must check if your goods need an inspection and follow instructions given by HMRC.

How to check for an inspection required notification   The ‘Check if you need to report for an inspection’ service allows anyone in control of moving goods, including drivers, to check if their goods are held, using their Goods Movement Reference (GMR) code. You don’t need to be registered for GVMS to use the service. The GMR confirmation email contains a link to this service, which anyone can access using a smartphone or internet-enabled device. If you created the GMR and need to send it to the driver, please forward the relevant email or a PDF containing the GMR. Do not send screenshots – the driver will be unable to access the links.   Whoever created the GMR and has access to GVMS can also find out if an inspection is required on the GVMS dashboard.

Where to report for an inspection   The ‘Check if you need to report for an inspection’ service has been updated so it now tells you the locations you can attend for the required inspections. If you’re arriving into the Port of Dover, Eurotunnel or Holyhead, you’ll be directed to an inland border facility (IBF) for these inspections. For all other GVMS border locations, you will be directed to the inspection facility within or near the port.

Consequences of not reporting for an inspection

The haulier and/or driver may be liable to pay a penalty of up to £2,500 if they do not follow HMRC instructions to report for an inspection. It’s the responsibility of the person who created the GMR to ensure the goods arrive at an IBF if instructed to do so, and that their drivers are made aware or have the means to check if an inspection is needed.

Where to get further support

If you have a specific question about importing or exporting, call HMRC's Customs and International Trade helpline on 0300 322 9434. The helpline is open from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm at weekends.