Professional Transport Services

Traffic Commissioners Annual Report 2022/23

21 Jul 2023

The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain (TCs) are independent regulators for the goods vehicle and public service vehicle (PSV) industries and their professional drivers

This annual report for 2022 to 2023 provides information on major aspects of the Traffic Commissioners’ judicial, regulatory and administrative roles.

The Traffic Commissioners work to keep Great Britain’s roads safe by licensing and regulating the commercial vehicle industries. With DfT, its agencies, the police and industry stakeholders we support the compliant, licensed operation of goods vehicles and PSVs by:

  • publishing guidance and directions regarding the operator licensing regime and tribunal activities
  • holding regulatory hearings to examine evidence and take proportionate action to maintain safety standards and promote fair competition in the industry
  • holding conduct hearings to examine evidence and take proportionate action to ensure professional driving standards are upheld
  • targeting tribunal resources so that the most serious cases are dealt with quickly and fairly
  • delivering efficient, digital licensing services to responsible new applicants and compliant operators
  • liaising with other regulatory bodies to identify and share knowledge around non- compliance
  • educating and communicating with industry about the value of compliance and the licensing regime

Traffic commissioners seek to reduce regulatory burdens and support compliant businesses. Statistics in the report are unable to record the instances where the advice or assistance provided by individual traffic commissioners has resulted in improved compliance and road safety.

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