Professional Transport Services

Traffic Commissioner Objectives 2023 – 2025

24 Jul 2023

The Traffic Commissioners vision is to deliver a licensing and regulatory system which champions safe, fair, and reliable transport.

Delivery of a modern and effective operator licensing regime that ensures operators are fit to hold a licence whilst minimising the regulatory burden on the compliant and to promote and develop a safe road transport industry, which delivers compliance, fair competition and protects the environment.

1. Continue working with DVSA to deliver a licensing service, which is properly resourced and delivers the agreed service to our users.

2. To work with stakeholders to better understand the service required by the communities of Great Britain.

3. Seek legislative change for an improved operator licensing system.

4. Support the delivery of improved local bus services and better journeys.

5. Ensuring the efficient use of resources to deliver compliance across all sectors.

6. Support those they regulate, to comply and grow; making engagement accessible so that operators and drivers are provided with the information they require to manage their licences and meet safety standards.

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