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Scottish Government announces up to £6million Coach Industry Support

15 Dec 2020

Scottish Government announces support for Coach Industry


Coronavirus support for the coach industry was confirmed by the Scottish Government, with up to £6milllion to help coach industry operators survive the coronavirus pandemic, as part of a £185million package that has also targeted sectors including taxi drivers, arts venues and travel agents.


Details of how the coach industry coronavirus support package will work are still being drawn up with applications expected to open in January. Although how the funding will work is not known yet the announcement was welcomed by Buckie-based operator Maynes Coaches who warned the cash may not be enough on its own.


Operations director Kevin Mayne said: “It’s good that we’ve been recognised and the Scottish Government has acknowledged there’s an issue there.

“If the fund is spread out evenly across the country then it would only work out at about £2,000 per vehicle – which won’t even cover half the finance costs for a month.


The support package was welcomed by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), who said they will continue to push for similar support to be provided to all UK coach operators.


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