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Running light vehicles into Europe? Act Now

7 Apr 2022

Act now – get ahead of New Rules

New EU rules from 21 May this year mean you will need to apply for an International Operator Licence to enable use of light goods vehicles to transport goods for hire and reward through EU, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland on or after that date.  Light goods vehicles includes vans, vans or cars towing trailers.

To apply for an Operator Licence you will need to have a qualified Transport Manager in place.  There are people who may be recognised as a temporary transport manager to fulfil the role but there is strict criteria to evidence and meet.

 There must also be finance in place for the maintenance of the fleet evidence meeting regulatory requirements.

For those already holding an International Operator Licence, the vehicles used must be added to the fleet list on the licence and the finance in place to meet the additional requirements. 

There may be a requirement to make a Posting Declaration for journeys to the EU.  This is for the transportation of goods between two points in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway commercially.  A posting declaration is the registration of the operator, driver (with employment details), travel dates and vehicle to be used and refers to any size goods vehicle or cars, including the towing of trailers and applies to moving goods for hire and reward or for a business’s own purposes.

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