Professional Transport Services

Revocation of O-licence after director drives without correct licence category and CPC

17 May 2022

The operator licence held by Kyrah Travels Limited was lost after the sole director drove without the correct driving licence entitlement category, driver CPC or tachograph card. The operator was unaware of the D1 (101) restriction on his driving licence and the requirement to have a CPC qualification.

A DVSA check revealed that school children had been carried and the director, Shanmugam Kukesan, was on route from Harrow to Slough.

The vehicle was out of MoT, had a defective tachograph, displayed no legal lettering or school children signage.  The transport manager had not been heard from since December 2020, and had succumbed to covid.  Although an application for a new transport manager had been submitted, this was not needed as the licence was revoked from 9th May 2022 for a period of three years. 

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