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Remote tachograph monitoring arrives in Britain

27 Sep 2022

Following the introduction of the latest generation tachographs in 2019 the DVSA said there was no capability within the organisation for the remote monitoring of the instruments, there had not been the hardware, software or training investment required.

Last month the DVSA announced that it was trailing a programme of remote tachograph monitoring using sensing equipment to make it easier to detect drivers and operators breaking drivers hours rules.  There are six Remote Early Detection Communication Readers (REDCRs) in use as part of the trial and if proved to be successful the number will increase.

As well as allowing for the identification of possible drivers’ hours violations it will also be possible to detect whether a tachograph card is inserted into the head unit or if it has been tampered with. The trial will enable the examiner to see whether the smart tachograph unit is correctly calibrated.

It is important that tachograph equipment is correctly maintained and checked before use.  Drivers should understand their responsibilities, as well as operators are expected to correctly schedule duties and monitor compliance.