Professional Transport Services

Private Hire coach trips – CPT interpret guidance

27 Apr 2021

CPT have issued guidance for operators following discussions with DfT regarding the operation of coach services in England (pre 17 May) to its members.

The Government has made clear that, in line with Step 2 of the Roadmap to minimise travel in England, it does not wish to see private hire journeys for leisure operating before Step 3. But guidance from government does not restrict the provision of educational, essential worker and other non-leisure related transport.

Following their discussions with officials CPT are of the view that coach day trips/excursions sharing characteristics of scheduled services fit in with guidance and therefore can continue to operate.

The definition of a scheduled service provided to the CPT from the department is one ‘from a designated starting point to a designated destination point, with fixed designated intermediate stops where different passengers may board or disembark”. The interpretation is that these services perform a public transport function and day trips meeting this definition are therefore permissible.

CPT members are reminded of the importance of following the Safer Transport Guidance  at all times, and also that the Governments overarching message to minimise travel will remain until at least step 3 of the Roadmap. Operators are also advised to be aware that many venues and attractions may not allow people to travel to them on an organised coach trip because of Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport guidance.

For further information is available through contact with