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Oxford Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) live

7 Mar 2022

Oxford Zero Emissions Zone is now live, having begun on 28th February 2022.  All vehicles with  internal combustion engines including hybrids will be charged to enter the pilot area of the city.   The daily charge from £2 to £10, depending on emissions levels, will be applied unless a discount or exemption is valid.  Zero emission vehicles can enter the pilot area free of charge.

Oxford is the first ZEZ scheme in the country. It is hoped that the pilot scheme will be learned from and local communities will be consulted with as plans to expand the zone across the city centre develop.

Charges which cover the entire day, apply from 07:00 to 19:00 seven days a week all year round, and can be paid on the day a vehicle is driven in the zone, up to six days in advance and up to six days after the zone has been used.