Professional Transport Services

OCR withdraws from Transport Manager CPC qualification provision

24 Nov 2020

Withdrawal of Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (Passenger Transport and Road Haulage) qualifications


OCR provided the information below in October 2020, regarding their withdrawal from the qualification:


‘After reviewing our strategy in the coming years, we’ve decided not to continue to offer qualifications in the transport sector. We will not redevelop our existing CPC qualifications and we intend to withdraw from offering any CPC qualifications after December 2021


We’ve taken this difficult decision because we are focusing our core activity on providing qualifications for 14 to 19 learners in schools, sixth forms and FE colleges. 


To support CPC centres and learners over the next 15 months, we will offer five further opportunities for scheduled tests before the qualification is withdrawn. These are planned to take place in December 2020March 2021June 2021September 2021 and December 2021


This means new candidates taking CPC tests in December 2020 will have up to four resit opportunities, and new candidates in March 2021 will have a further three resit opportunities.  

As part of our withdrawal arrangements, we are not accepting any new CPC centres (after the date of the information release). We will accept new candidates up to and including March 2021. 


We will continue to support everyone offering and taking CPC tests so that assessments can go ahead as smoothly as possible in 2020 and 2021. We have talked to two awarding organisations who offer CPC – the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) and City & Guilds – about our plans. We are committed to helping to support you in transitioning to alternative awarding organisations. We've also informed key stakeholders, such as our regulators, the Department for Transport and the Traffic Commissioners, about our decision. 


We are very grateful for the loyalty of our many CPC centres over the years, and we’d like to thank you for your custom. We regret losing any qualifications but we need to focus on supporting our core portfolio for 14 to 19 year olds. 


If you have any questions about this news, we are here to help. You can call our Customer Support Centre on 01223 553998 or email us at