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No future for 'name only' Transport Manager

6 May 2022

West midlands operator licence revoked as found to be operating without a fully functioning Transport Manager.  Acting in ‘name only’ the Transport Manager had not been involved in the operation at all.  He had no contract and was not paid. 

The Transport Manager failed to undertake the required functions and responsibilities, with failures in compliance with safety inspection intervals, brake testing and downloading tachograph data leading to professional competence having been missing from 2007.

Maintenance practices did not reflect the requirements of today and there was no drivers hours supervision and the need to check drivers entitlement was not understood.

There is no place for name only Transport Managers, they must be actively involved with the operation, undertake their duties and responsibilities, have a contract and be paid. 

The expectation of a Transport Manager are set out in the Senior Traffic Commissioners statutory guidance, document three.

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Statutory Guidance number three: