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New Longer Semi-Trailer (LST) guidance for operators

1 Jun 2023

Longer semi-trailer (LST) guidance for operators

As a new vehicle type, LSTs are subject to specific regulations. These are explained in more detail in this document. The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) (Amendment) Order 2023 is the legal instrument which governs the use of LSTs and which should be read alongside this guidance.

In particular, route plans and risk assessments are legally required for each route on which an LST is planned to be used. The use of diversionary routes, where a normal route is or becomes unavailable, are also governed by the regulations.

In addition, the Secretary of State is legally required to be notified by operators of the prospective use of LSTs – which should be done through the vehicle operator licensing (VOL) system – with operators also required to ensure that drivers are given copies of the route plans and risk assessments for the routes they drive on. Each of these areas is covered in more detail in this guide.

This guidance is aimed at current and potential operators of longer semi-trailers (LSTs). Following an extensive trial, a public consultation and regulatory changes, LSTs are being brought into general use. This guide is aimed at helping operators get the most out of LSTs, as well as ensuring that they are operated safely.

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