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Inspection Manuals for HGV and PSV updated

14 Apr 2022

Inspection Manuals for HGV and PSV updated

The manuals are for everyone who takes part in HGV and PSV examinations and maintenance and explains:

  • acceptable reasons for failure
  • application of specific relevant requirements
  • procedures and standards used during testing

Maintenance providers as well as inhouse facilities should have copy and be working with the requirements outlined within.

The main changes made are:

  • definition of front steering axle added to the interpretation of terms section
  • mandatory requirement to advise when an assessor is not able to see the age markings for twin wheel fitments has been removed
  • the anti-roll bar section has been merged with the general suspension section
  • additional Braking Device deficiencies for wiring have been amended to remove duplication with Electrical Wiring and Equipment
  • clarification notes added to the Direction Indicators section on combined side indicators and side marker lamps fitted to a vehicle or trailer
  • section 72 has been updated to give guidance on  secondary brake alterative split options 

Other changes have been made and are explained in detail at the beginning of the manual in the ‘Revision of Record’ section.

HGV Inspection Manual:

PSV Inspection Manual: