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Heavy Vehicle Testing to go digital

14 Mar 2024

With the successful roll out the new Manage Your Vehicle Testing (MyVT) digital service across vehicle testing, DVSA will stop printing MOT pass certificates, by default, at the time of the test from 29th April this year.

In most cases, the physical piece of paper won’t be needed, the encouragement will be to view the vehicle’s record on MOT history instead ensuring the details on the certificate are correct and check for any advisory items. But, by exception, the VSA will still print a copy if one is really needed, due to difficulties accessing the internet for example.  

Although DVSA will continue to print failure certificates for the time being, a similar approach is also being considered.   Thoughts are being sought on this, with DVSA advising that if this part of the system is to change also they make sure the changes are known in advance of the change with industry guidance being updated also. 

The responsibilities under the ‘O’-licence as to record keeping are recognised, but DVSA highlight that in nearly all cases, the paper record is not needed if the information is recorded and available digitally – should they or the traffic commissioners need to view it.  

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