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EU Vnuk motor insurance law may be removed from British law.

26 Feb 2021

EU Vnuk motor insurance law may be removed from British law.


The Vnuk law evolved from the accident of Mr. Vnuk, a farm worker, which was brought before the European Court of Justice.  It requires a wider range of vehicles than those such as cars and motorbikes to be insured, including ones previously not requiring insurance, being used on private land such as golf buggies, mobility scooters and quad bikes.

  • government plans to bin the EU’s ‘Vnuk’ motor insurance law – which requires insurance even on private land for a wider range of ‘vehicles’, including ride-on lawnmowers and mobility scooters
  • move will ensure every British driver is spared an estimated £50 annual increase in insurance premiums
  • decision to scrap Vnuk from British law would reiterate benefits of leaving the EU, as we take back control of our own laws and regulations

The law also extends to vehicles on private land, meaning people with a ride-on lawnmower at home would require insurance where it would have previously not been needed.


British drivers will avoid an estimated £50 a year increase in motor insurance costs as the government confirms it plans to do away with the controversial EU ‘Vnuk’ law, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced today (21 February 2021).


Had the EU law been implemented in Great Britain, it would have meant the insurance industry would have been liable for almost £2 billion in extra overall costs. These costs would likely have been passed onto their customers – British road-users.


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