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DVSA introduce local appeals for heavy vehicle annual test (MOT) results

3 Mar 2022

DVSA is introduced a local appeals process for lorry, trailer and bus/coach annual test (MOT) results on 28 February 2022, where vehicle operators will be able to ask DVSA to review part of a test or the test result, without having to make a statutory appeal.

The introduction of the local appeals process means DVSA can:

•            offer a quick review of an annual test decision

•            provide a consistent service to all annual test customers

Making a local appeal

If the person presenting the vehicle for annual test is not able to discuss or resolve any issues at the time of the test, a local appeal can be made.

To register a local appeal, the presenter/operator can either:

•            email  

•            phone DVSA Customer Service Centre (0300 123 9000, option 1)

The local appeal should be registered within 2 working days (except on weekends or bank holidays) of the test result. If a local appeal is made by email, information given should include:

•            the vehicle registration/trailer ID and VIN number

•            the date and time of test

•            the ATF name

•            the address and phone number of the presenter/operator

•            details of the disagreement and the customer name and address

DVSA says they make contact within 2 days of receiving the request with further details and arrange a reinspection if one is needed. Only failure items will be checked, not the whole vehicle/trailer. 

The aim is to complete the local appeal within 5 days and produce a report to indicate whether the original decision stands or a new decision has been made.

The outcome will be recorded against the vehicle or trailer and sent to the person who made the appeal.

Making a statutory appeal

You still have the right to make a statutory appeal to the Secretary of State at any time during this process by using form VTG17 or VTP17.

Making a local appeal will not affect any subsequent statutory appeal.

Make a statutory appeal: