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DVSA and JAUPT issue a warning for clampdown on repeated Driver CPC courses.

19 Nov 2020


The driver CPC, introduced to support professional driver development, has faced criticism for there not being measures in place to prevent drivers taking the same course multiple times to achieve the required hours.


Following a review by the EU Commission of the driver CPC directive, which now requires a range of different subjects to be covered over the 35 hour period, the DVSA and JAUPT have started to monitor training provider uploads and driver records.   They have announced that action will be taken against any driver or trainer that is found to repeat the same training subject as part of the driver CPC and could revoke the driver qualification card (DQC) if this is found to be the case.


The Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) has taken a dim view drivers failing to plan a suitable training regime stating previously that training should be either varied or tailored to the drivers weaknesses, with a failure to put in place structured development plans for drivers reflecting poorly on the operator licence if appearing before a Traffic Commissioner.


DVSA acknowledge there may be situations where repeating a course was necessary and JAUPT will publish more detail and examples in due course.


Face to face driver CPC courses are currently suspended for the period of the second lockdown (until 2nd December) to prevent the spread of Covid-19.   Courses delivered on line may still continue.