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Driver CPC monitored to prevent repeat training

6 Jan 2021

Driver CPC to be monitored for unnecessary repeat training


Following a review of CPC training for drivers as a requirement of EU Directive 2018/645, adopted by the government, and recommendations from the European Commission, the DVSA are to monitor the 35 hours periodic training requirement to ensure there are no unnecessary specific training repeated.


To ensure continued professional development, knowledge of continued safe driving and road safety, training undertaken should benefit drivers and their jobs.  Drivers records will be monitored to identify training that does not support professional development.  The result could be action that includes revocation of the Driver Qualification Card (DQC) where unnecessary repeat training is identified.


DVSA will only allow repeated specific training if it supports a drivers development, giving an example as ‘more than one day’s training being required to maintain the qualification to drive dangerous goods’.  They will be working with training bodies to ensure repeat training is not delivered unless it is necessary for a drivers professional development.