Professional Transport Services

Drive a bus or lorry professionally whilst training

11 Oct 2022

To drive a bus, coach or HGV professionally a driver would need to pass the statutory Driver CPC  tests, but participation on some training courses permits application to drive professionally for up to 12 months whilst continuing to train.  To be eligible to make an application a driver must have passed the Driver CPC part 1 theory, part 3a off-road exercises, and part 3b on-road driving.

The National Vocational Training (NVT) Concession allows for professional driving for up to 12 months before a driver is required to take and pass Driver CPC part 2 case studies, and part 4 the practical test.

Criteria to apply to defer parts 2 and 4 of the test is specific and states that the driver must have passed parts 1 and 3 and not previously used the NVT Concession.  The driver must be registered for an eligible training course, which is specified, or an apprenticeship lasting for at least 6 months leading to a qualification.

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