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Dangerous Driving Behaviour Detected with National Highways Trial

27 Jun 2023

New mobile technology to automatically detect dangerous behaviour whilst driving is being trialled on England’s roads.

The detection equipment is capable of identifying those who fail to wear a seat belt and use hand held phones, tailgating, red-X offences and in-motion weighing via the multiple cameras fitted to the ‘sensor test vehicle’ which will be stationary at the side of the road when in use and record footage of vehicles as they pass.

The system is being trialled for three months prior to deployment decisions. Drivers will receive warning letters issued by Police reminding them of the potential fines and points that can be served upon them.

Fleet operators are being urged to join the free trial of ‘Ping’, the driver behaviour initiative that will ping alerts to fleet operators to notify dangerous driving behaviour allowing them to take appropriate action..

The national Highways Head of Road Safety, Jeremy Phillips said ‘ safety remains our top priority and we want everyone to get to their destination safely.  Sadly there are still drivers who do not feel the need to wear a seatbelt, become distracted by their phones or travel too close to the vehicle in front.   We want to see if we can change driver behaviour and therefore improve road safety for everyone.’

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