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Could you support DVSA’s vehicle approvals service in the future?

14 Jun 2022

Last year, we carried out a survey about our plans to review the vehicle approvals service we offer.

The feedback from this survey has played a big part in helping us to better understand you and your experience of vehicle approvals.

Currently, we’re looking at where vehicle approval examinations take place.

As you know, most inspections take place at DVSA sites across the country. But there are also some private sites where we examine vehicles.

Take part in DVSA survey Complete the survey.

We want to find out if it’s feasible to do this work at a larger number of private sites in the future.

As an IVA customer, you may be interested in working with DVSA to provide examinations, if you have a suitable site.

We’ve created a very short survey to find out whether this is something which would appeal to you.

The survey is voluntary and closes on 22 June 2022.