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Better roadside facilities for lorry drivers

15 Sep 2023

Better roadside facilities for lorry drivers

Lorry drivers across England will benefit from better roadside facilities, more secure parking and improved rest areas thanks to £8 million in government funding awarded today (11 September 2023).

A total of 39 roadside facility operators across England will each receive a share of £8 million from the Department for Transport (DfT) and a further £11 million from industry to significantly upgrade truck stops for lorry drivers.

The improvements will boost welfare facilities like showers, rest areas and restaurants, and increase heavy goods vehicle (HGV) parking capacity while improving security for drivers.

The scheme draws on The National Survey on Lorry Parking, which provides important evidence as to what improvements are needed and where to boost the nation’s roadside infrastructure.

The funding comes from the government’s HGV parking and driver welfare grant scheme and forms part of the up to £100 million joint investment between government and industry to support the logistics sector, helping to boost economic growth.

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