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5 Days until 21st May and new rule for light freight internationally!

18 May 2022

DfT Reminder 

From 21st may 2022 light goods vehicles of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes transporting goods for hire and reward from the UK into or through the EU and EEA member countries will need an international operator licence. 

That means a transport manager (TM) with the correct qualification is required too.  It may be possible to apply to have an existing staff member recognised as TM temporarily if they meet the criteria, or the services of a suitable person can be employed. 

Light freight, or smaller vehicles, includes vans, light commercial vehicles, cars, cars and vans towing trailers commercially. 

Failure to carry an operator licence from 21st May 2022 may cause disruption to the business and result in fines, impounding of vehicles and being asked to return to the UK.  When applying for the operator licence selecting the ‘interim’ licence option may shorten any disruption.

Transporting goods between two points in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway commercially (cabotage or cross trade) will require a ‘posting declaration’ to be made.  This is registering the operator, driver and their employment details, dates of travel and the vehicle used via the EU Portal.

To find out more and/or make an application visit: